5x5 Lace Closures


This is our upgraded lace closure. 5 inches across and 5 inches back. This closure will allow you to achieve multi looks and various parting options. Our closures are handcrafted to our specific requirements. It allows you to seamlessly complete your look and most importantly protects your natural hair from the elements, stress of heating, and for those who want to experiment with color. We have you covered!   

Buy matching loose wave bundles here https://sadamscollection.com/products/indian-loose-wave
  • Each closure is not processed and has no dyes, perms or synthetic fibers. 
  • Each Lace Closure is FREE PART, meaning you can part the closure anywhere you like.
  • Closure size 5X5
  • Please note, that adding the "bleach my knots" option can delay your order by a few days!
  • Please note that bleaching the knots shortness the lifespan of the closure.