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S.Adams Collection - 5X5 Cambodian Curly HD Closure Wig (Ready To Wear, Pre-Plucked & Bleached Knots)
S.Adams Collection - 5X5 Cambodian Curly HD Closure Wig (Ready To Wear, Pre-Plucked & Bleached Knots)
S.Adams Collection - 5X5 Cambodian Curly HD Closure Wig (Ready To Wear, Pre-Plucked & Bleached Knots)

5X5 Cambodian Natural Curly HD Closure Wig 24" (Ready To Wear, Glueless, Pre-Plucked, HD Lace)

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The perfect wig for those looking for luxurious and soft hair for a date night or any other special occasion. This unit is made from 100% Raw Virgin Cambodian Natural Curly hair that is silky and sexy. The wavy curls give it a sexy look that is perfect for those who want to add a little spice to their look. 

This wig comes pre-plucked. The knots have not been bleached. This wig has not been dyed. Please take your wig to a licensed hairstylist for additional customizations.

To achieve the best curly results on your unit after washing, we encourage you to allow it to air dry overnight and add a light oil to enhance softness.

  • Length: 24”
  • Virgin Hair: Yes
  • Hair Color: Natural Brown
  • Can It Be Styled & Straightened: Yes
  • Can It Be Bleached/Dyed: Yes
  • Closure Type: 5x5 HD Lace Closure
  • Hair Texture: Cambodian Natural Curly 
  • Wig Density: 200%
  • Bleached Knots: No
  • Plucked Knots: Yes
  • Lace Type: HD Lace
  • Glueless: Yes
  • Adjustable Straps: Yes

Co-Wash: Before installing your hair extension, always co-wash it. It is always best to wash your hair with a mild conditioner. Please use products that are sulfate-free. Avoid shampooing your hair unless the hair has excessive dirt or product buildup.

Condition Weekly: Conditioning your extensions weekly is essential for all our hair as it helps keep it soft, smooth, and moisturized. After washing the hair, use some leave-in conditioner so that the hair doesn't get dry. Always make sure that your hair products are sulfate-free.

Detangling: Detangling your hair frequently is essential. Use your fingers to run it through and detangle your hair tangles. Avoid using a comb unless it is necessary. Always use a wide-toothed comb to comb your raw hair. Detangling your hair before and after you wash it and before you go to bed can prevent it from getting tangled and hair breakage.

Satin Bonnet: Cover your hair with a satin bonnet while going to bed. You can also use a satin pillowcase while sleeping to prevent your hair from getting friction.

Hairstyling: Heat styling is something that almost all women love to do. However, heat is the worst enemy of your hair. Since the hair extensions have no way to get nutrition like your regular hair, using heat will strip away the cuticles from the hair and cause severe damage. Air dry your hair. If necessary, use a hairdryer only with cold air. Use heat protectant if you like to heat style.

Coloring: Avoid coloring your hair often to keep your hair extension's cuticles intact. Hair cuticles are very important in protecting your hair. Thus, coloring your hair often strips away the hair cuticles causing hair damage.

Keep It Tied: To avoid your hair getting tangled, always keep it tied. While traveling, keep your hair tied in a hair bun or ponytail. Once you reach the destination, you can untie the hair bun and enjoy your hairstyle.

When installing, we suggest using the fold-over method so that wefts are not damaged and can be easily reused.

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5X5 Cambodian Natural Curly HD Closure Wig 24" (Ready To Wear, Glueless, Pre-Plucked, HD Lace)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The hair is absolutely wonderful!!

When I received the hair it was very soft and the craftsmanship of the cap and hair on the lace is unmatched! I really love the band that helps keep it secure on your head and how flat the lace lays at the hairline. The hair is very full and easily tamed with leave in conditioner and mousse. I love the hair so much I am already saving to purchase another. Thank you Sheneka and your team for making such an amazing product. I am very happy with my purchase and I highly recommend to anyone considering buying. Your money will be well spent as this product is pure quality. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more business with SAdams collection!

Ashley C.

These wigs never miss, but THIS one? I am in love! So full, the curls are beautiful, the lace is perfect. Just absolutely amazing. Can tell this will last me a long time.


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